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Fairhill Towers

12000 Fairhill Road, Cleveland

The Heyse

1702 W. 28th Street, Cleveland


12635 Larchmere Blvd, Cleveland

Mike’s Place

2434 Overlook Road, Cleveland Heights

The Lakeview

2423-2425 Overlook Road, Cleveland Heights

Esther’s Place

2756-2760 Hampshire Road, Cleveland Heights


1720 Middlehurst Road, Cleveland Heights

Coventry Lofts

2800 Mayfield Road, Cleveland Heights

The Upperview

2684 Mayfield Road, Cleveland Heights

Mayfield-Hampshire Apartments

2676 Mayfield Road, Cleveland Heights

The Dana

2701 Hampshire Road, Cleveland Heights

Overlook Arms

2215 Overlook Road, Cleveland Heights

Coventry Mayfield Apartments

2866 Mayfield Road, Cleveland Heights


2641 North Moreland Boulevard, Cleveland


2680 North Moreland Boulevard, Cleveland

Moreland Place

2666 North Moreland Boulevard, Cleveland

Cormere Place

2661 North Moreland Boulevard, Cleveland

Kemper Place

2515-2525 Kemper Road, Shaker Heights


13700 Fairhill Road, Shaker Heights

North Moreland Courts

2523-2579 North Moreland, Shaker Heights

Shaker Lakes Apts.

2580-2590 North Moreland Boulevard, Shaker Heights


12955 Larchmere Boulevard, Shaker Heights

Kemper Manor

2501 Kemper Road, Shaker Heights


17100 Van Aken Boulevard, Shaker Heights